Fundraising Challenge

Fundraising Challenge

Derek and Claire are amazing and are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to support Headway Somerset. They are hoping to raise lots of money for our wonderful charity This is what they had to say 'We were looking for a real challenge and think we have found one. It's a long...

Sloppy Slippers

Sloppy Slippers

Sloppy Slippers Somerset" is a new campaign by NHS Somerset and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership. The campaign aims to address a critical public health issue: the high risk of falls in adults, particularly the over-65 population, due to poorly fitting...

Acquired Brain Injury Services in Somerset – Have your say!

Acquired Brain Injury Services in Somerset – Have your say!

We want to hear from anyone who has sustained an acquired brain injury themselves or know someone who has. We have created a survey to gather information about services in Somerset and are keen to hear from those directly impacted. With the information gathered, we...

Volunteer roles

Making Headway

Making Headway is a new service we are developing, to support those directly affected by ABI who want to access activities of their choice in their communities.

Volunteers in this project will be ‘buddies’, supporting their befriended user. You will help them to rebuild confidence, develop a new independence, and encourage them to make connections through following their own interests.

This may be everyday things, such as going out for coffee; engaging with a hobby, activity or social group; using their lived experience to provide support, training or advocacy for others affected by ABI.

You will receive training and ongoing support, the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge for yourself, as well as having the satisfaction of seeing your buddy achieve their goals.

For more information please click here

for an informal chat and more information please contact  Tricia  our Making Headway Coordinator


We’re fundraising so we can run services and deliver support for people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in Somerset

As our Fundraising Volunteer you will support your Fundraising Manager in a variety of ways including;

  • Local fundraising activities and events throughout the year. This can be anything from stewarding to running a stall
  • Larger events, you’ll help with planning events, preparation and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.
  • Research – looking in local opportunities

In this role you’ll be able to develop your organisation, communication and team working skills.

Most importantly you’ll inspire your local community to raise funds that help people in Somerset with ABI the best possible opportunities.

What the role involves

This role may vary depending on needs, but is likely to include:

  • Maximising funds raised as part of a team or fundraising group
  • Assisting at fundraising events throughout the year
  • Developing links with local organisations and participating in fundraising opportunities

We can support you to develop the skills you need for this role, including an induction into all the areas outlined. You will have a chance to meet people, make new friends, raise funds for a fantastic cause and have fun

For more details and an informal chat contact our Fundraising Manager Krista Felek on

Rehab Centre Volunteer 

As a charity volunteers are an essential and valued part of the team at Headway Somerset, and work closely with our clients to support them in activities to recapture old skills and to develop new interests and skills.

In volunteers we look for friendly and approachable individuals who are keen to make a difference in someone’s life by delivering or supporting an activity or simply by being a listening ear. Volunteers help with the following:

  • Delivering activities from their own skill set including (but not limited to); gardening, arts and crafts, woodwork, IT, complimentary therapies, flexercise, sewing,
  • Supporting individuals with their agreed rehabilitation aims e.g. reading, daily living skills, planning, budgeting, shopping, etc.
  • Encouraging communication and engaging in conversations with clients about their thoughts, feelings and emotions

We appreciate any time someone can offer to contribute to our services and work with clients. Ideally we would like a set number of hours each week to help with maintaining familiarity and for session planning, however we are flexible.

Support you will be given:

All volunteers will receive an induction and training around brain injury and support to help with working with individuals and understanding behaviours. Volunteers will have ongoing support from knowledgeable and experienced staff. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to attend group reflective practise sessions as well as the opportunity to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator and other Headway Somerset Volunteers.


  • Rewarding position knowing you are helping others
  • New skills for your cv
  • Become part of a friendly and caring team
  • Something to help boost your confidence
  • The chance to meet new people
  • For more details and an informal chat contact us

Volunteer Case Studies



What inspired/motivated you to get involved as a volunteer for Making Headway?

I was back home in Somerset for the summer between second and final year of my undergraduate degree and was applying for postgraduate courses in Speech and Language Therapy. I was looking for related voluntary experience and someone recommended Headway as a possibility, so I reached out and became a part of the Making Headway scheme! As well as getting experience and more knowledge about a client group that SLTs work with, I also wanted to do something good that helped people in my local area. 

What have you felt has been the most valuable aspect of your volunteering to this charity?

I’ve really learned a lot about brain injuries through our training sessions and feel well prepared for when I am buddied up with someone with an ABI. We are also really well supported by the Making Headway coordinator Tricia.
Nina Davies

Nina Davies

What inspired/motivated you to get involved as a volunteer for Making Headway? 

I am doing a psychology degree and wanted to get some real-life experiences of some of the things I am learning. I wanted to volunteer for Making Headway as I really liked the personal ness of having a buddy and being able to help someone become more independent

What have you felt has been the most valuable aspect of your volunteering to this charity

I did a presentation of areas of the brain and how injuries can affect certain functions, I feel this was quite helpful for the other volunteers to get a basic understanding of the brain.