Brain injury is a very complex and difficult condition with which to deal, whether as a professional, a carer or a victim. Whilst our main focus is on providing services for these people, we recognise that sometimes all they need is advice.


Our Service Manager is always available to talk with and give you the benefit of their experience and expertise. You can make contact through the various methods shown on the Contacts page.


Our Menu of Services (Please download the Headway Menus of Service PDF at the button of the page)  provides details of the services we available. There are Access Grants available for those without the means to pay for Rehabilitation & Support services, and we can help with applications for Social Care Funding too.


Since 1991 Headway Somerset have supported adults with Acquired Brain Injury, their families and carers, who face multiple challenges. This disability, even when combined with physical impairment is "hidden", neither apparent nor obvious, causing lack of recognition, sympathy or understanding.


We assist on average, 125 clients and families at any one time and up to 300 in a year, providing up to 30,000 hours a year of personal & home support, rehabilitation, return to work, community access and carer respite. That’s the equivalent of more than 850 weeks full time support in any given 12 month period.


Usually as a result of their brain injury the people we help can become long-term unemployed, experience mental health and wellbeing issues. They can become victims of, or are at risk of, abuse. Invariably they are isolated, vulnerable and experience extreme financial hardship.


Committed volunteers, some with brain injured themselves, or with a member of their family who has experienced one, assist. Other vulnerable individuals referred to us by other agencies volunteer as part of their recovery and return to work. Brain Injury is usually sudden, a devastating and life changing event.


Conditions include short and/or long term memory deficit, behavioural and personality changes, extreme overpowering fatigue, sensory deprivation or extreme sensitivity, anger management issues, dis-inhibition, lack of motivation, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence. Brain Injury does not recognise socio-economic barriers, income, cultural, religious or ethnicity. It can happen to anyone.


Recovery is difficult and protracted, with no sticking plaster, bandage, medicine or therapy available to repair a bleed in or physical damage to the brain. Survivors can become shunned, being misjudged as "different", lose social networks and become isolated. Accessing services and facilities becomes increasingly difficult. All detrimental to recovery, health & well-being.


Our partnerships with other agencies is instrumental, assisting access to support and is particularly valuable for people simultaneously using several services, sharing interventions to head off individual or family crisis or decline, such as liaising with Advocacy services, Adult Social Care, learning providers or other care providers.


Our services help people relearn how to live independently, return to work, relearn old skills and gain new ones, assist families to stay together, re-engage in the local community and discover there is life after Brain Injury.


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Brain Injury Rehabilitation ~ How to access Our Services



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