Other sources of help

The Brain Tumour Charity  There to help if you or a loved one has a Brain Tumour

Somerset Village Agents  CCS Village & Community Agents provide confidential, practical and community-based solutions for you – wherever you are in Somerset

The Stroke Association    Here to support you

The Encephalitis Society   The Brain inflamation charity

Brain and Spine Foundation Tailored support and specialist information for anyone affected with a neurological problem

Mind in Somerset and Mindline  For better mental health

Interactive Brain Check out this great visual of an interactive brain


London Marathon News

London Marathon News

Luke's Story On 3rd February 2005 my life changed. I was driving to Uni when I was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle. I have no memory of the event side from a brief recollection of lying in the road (apparently after being cut out of the car). I...