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Rehabilitation Services – Guidelines for clients and referring agencies



Thank you for your interest in Headway Somerset Rehabilitation Services.  These guidance notes should be read as part of our referral process.

Whilst we hope to provide a service to as many people with acquired brain injury as possible there will be times when our service is not the right one for some people or where we do not have the capacity or specialist skills to provide a safe service.  It is better for all concerned that we are clear about what we can offer so that we do not raise expectations and/or disappoint later in the process. This document also sets out the times when a service may be suspended or withdrawn as well as how discharge from the service will be managed.

Headway Somerset supports adults with acquired brain injury to move forward on their journey of recovery, increasing independence and enabling skills that may have been lost or affected by their injury to be re-learnt and developed in a safe and supportive environment. We support individuals to achieve their goals not only in practical ways but also by improving their self-esteem, confidence and giving access to peer support so they can start to understand about the impact of and feel more confident dealing with their brain injury.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain that has occurred since birth. There are many possible causes, including (but not limited to) traumatic brain injury (TBI) such as a fall, a road accident, an assault as well as through illness; meningitis, encephalitis, also; tumour, stroke, haemorrhage, hypoxia.

Any individual wishing to access these services must:

  • be 18 or over and have sustained an acquired brain injury
  • be committed to working towards clearly identified individual outcomes, these can include; cognitive rehabilitation, behaviour management, social rehabilitation, peer support, time off for carers
  • have a commissioning agent/client/carer willing to cover all reasonable costs of providing the service
  • provide a full and complete referral outlining the expectations of the referrer and the required outcomes

Headway Somerset will assess each referral individually however there are a few circumstances when we would not be able to offer a service including where individuals display:

  • severe aggressive behavioural problems that would put others at risk
  • severe inappropriate sexual behaviour that would pose a risk
  • severe disruptive behaviour that would upset the dynamics of the group (in a centre service)


Personal care/ one-to-one:

All adults attending our service must be able to manage their own personal care needs those that cannot (including eating and drinking) will need their own personal carer to attend with them.

We are also unable to consider people who need constant one-to-one supervision without the provision of their own carer / support worker.


Risk Assessments

Full risk assessments in relation to the client, their family and friends and the location / environment in which the service is to be provided will be completed within the first few weeks of service and regularly thereafter.  If any unacceptable risk to staff, volunteers or other clients is identified and sufficient measures cannot be put in place to mitigate that risk, then Headway Somerset may decide either to attach conditions to the provision of the service or terminate it.



Funding for clients may come from a variety of sources, including statutory authorities, insurance companies, solicitors, compensation claims or privately.

If at any stage funding is withdrawn or payments of invoices are not made Headway Somerset will contact the person identified to deal with finances to discuss a forward plan. Outstanding invoices could result in termination of the service.


Right to refuse service delivery

Headway Somerset reserve the right to refuse delivery of a service if for any reason it is deemed unsafe to provide or continue service delivery.


Review of service

Clients progress is reviewed every twelve weeks, both in terms of original agreed outcomes and in respect of any additional outcomes that the client has identified.

In addition to these regular reviews, Local Authority funded clients are reviewed by Headway Somerset & Somerset County Council Adult Social Care as required or at minimum annually.

Clients funded through other sources are reviewed on request or at minimum annually.

If new needs are highlighted or there is a change in client circumstances this may lead to additional reviews.

Please call our office 01823 618519 for further information and to make a referral or email

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