Help Mark to help Headway Somerset

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Blog

The amazing Mark is running in Sunday’s London Marthon to support us.

This is Mark’s Story

I’m raising money in memory of my mate Robert Taylor who passed away last summer. In 1978, Rob suffered a spinal cord injury following a motorbike accident which left him a quadriplegic.  The decades after his accident weren’t without difficulty, but he lived an incredibly fulfilled life and inspired everyone who knew him.  Rob and I bonded over music and alcohol and in the years we both managed to get Glastonbury tickets, we’d always meet up for pints at the cider bus (ironically, it’s easier to get a place in the London Marathon than Glasto tickets!).  Rob thrived living as independent a life as he could – not even Glastonbury’s infamous mud would stop him! He dedicated his profession to championing independent living for people living with disabilities. Headway Somerset share that belief and is a local charity which Rob was a great supporter of. Please spare any money you’re able to and if you’re on the streets of London this Sunday any words of encouragement will be gratefully received.

If you can please  Donate Here