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Claire & Derek climb Mount Kilimanjaro on 8th July 2024

They have set themselves a challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro , It’s a long way up, 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level!  So along with a long walk they also have the altitude to contend with and of course 6 nights on the floor under canvas!

Claire’s story: I am a Trustee and Vice Chair of Headway Somerset.  This is a charity that is close to my heart as both my cousin and my Dad suffered a brain injury following an accident. Sadly, my Dad passed away on 11 October 2019. I have always loved hills and mountains and had hoped one day to be able to attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  I just needed a reason to do it and that reason is Headway Somerset!


Aly & Family Hiking for Headway Somerset on 24th August 2024

They are walking 53 miles over the 24th and 25th August in his memory to give something back to Headway Somerset. Dave would have been 53 years old this March.

Aly’s Story:10 years ago my brother Dave took his own life. This was 20 years after sustaining a major head injury in a road traffic accident. My brother received no support from health and social care services after leaving hospital. The only help he got was from Headway Somerset, a local charity that support people after brain injury. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to keep him safe and he died 10 years ago in June.



We are recruiting

We are recruiting

We are actively recruiting for the following positions: Come and join us at our new Making Headway Volunteer Coordinator. If you are experienced in running small projects, working with volunteers, and are proactive to achieve results you could be just who we are...