Fundraising ideas


Fundraising Ideas

Its easy and fun to raise money for Headway Somerset and we are here to help you every step of the way

1Abseiling, Fire Walking, Wing Walking, Parachute Jumps  Get in touch and we can help
2Cake/Bake sale put your skills to the test at work and school or have a coffee morning at home
3Quiz, at home at work or ask your local pub to help  This is a firm charity favourite you can write the question yourself or download from the internet
4Challenge yourself or create a group challenge   If your brave or fit enough you can run a marathon, a 5K or a 10K  Lots of local races happen throughout the year  Follow our own Luke on his London Marathon journey
5Sell Christmas cards, birthday cards or any crafts for us and donate the profits
6Head Shave!  Know someone brave enough?  A classic fundraiser
7Clothes swop or jumble sale  A great excuse to clear out your wardrobe.  Ask your friends and family to get involved and advertise in your local area  Sell unwanted items on Ebay, have a bring and buy sale.  Save the planet and get a new look  Clothes Swop Events  Have a look, lots of tips on this web site
8Get out in your local park or green space and have a charity rounders match, netball tournament you do it your way and we will help
9Non uniform or dress down days  Wear what you like or have a theme
10Talent show – show off your skills, gather your friends sell tickets and refreshments but most of all have fun

You will have your own ideas, and don’t forget to tell us all about them on Facebook or Twitter

We are here to help get in touch


Thank you!

  Hi! My name is Sally Holcombe and I have had the incredible opportunity to be an intern for Headway Somerset over the past few months! I have just finished my final year at the University of Exeter where I studied Human Geography and am now looking to enter the...

Talking Headway

Talking Headway

Our new phone line, 01823 215014.  Funded by a family member of someone who uses our services. This line will offer: Information and support, links to local groups and services and can refer people to receive regular friendship calls through our Buddying project...

100 Flowers by Paul Henry

100 Flowers by Paul Henry

A very special thank you to Paul Henry for his 100 day project of flowers during the 100 day lockdown. A truly spectacular image!