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Hard Hat Awareness Week

Rick’s Story

In 2013, Rick sustained a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage whilst up a ladder on a construction job. Unfortunately, he was not wearing a hard hat and his already serious acquired brain injury was worsened as the side of his head struck his metal toolbox as he fell. Rick explained:

 “If I had been wearing a hard hat, it is likely my brain injury would have been less severe, my scalp would not have been lacerated and I would not have lost so much blood. The side of my head was mashed and my skull was exposed, and this was more disturbing to my family and friends than the brain bleed itself. Although the initial bleed would have happened anyway, the secondary blow was avoidable and if I had my time over, I would have made sure I had the protection of a hard hat.”

 Rick has made a good recovery, but persistent balance issues and occasional dizziness mean he has not been able to return to construction work. Support from Headway Somerset has helped him to learn to recognise and respond to fatigue and to self-manage the long term effects of his injury.


London Marathon News

London Marathon News

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