Our Centres are structured to offer safe and supportive environments for survivors of brain injury to re-learn skills that may have been affected after injury and to interact with members of staff and other clients who have a greater understanding of a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. For many clients it can be a frustrating time when people don’t see their hidden disability and so do not understand why they do certain things. Individuals can work towards their outcomes and future goals in the following areas:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation – developing memory, executive skills, awareness, reading and writing, strategy development and implementation


  • Independent living skills – Computer based skills, cooking skills, money management and budgeting and managing personal affairs


  • Improving self-esteem and confidence – confidence building in social situations is a key part of everyone’s rehabilitation


  • Increasing independence and reducing social isolation


  • Psychological and physical wellbeing – peer support, emotional support, gentle exercise


Each day in the centres is different, to meet the diverse needs of our clients. It may not always be immediately apparent why the activities clients are participating in are being delivered and what the benefits are from them. Most of our activities require clients to utilise and devlop their executive skills; including concentration, memory, information processing, forward planning, and understanding commands or instructions; physical skills such as co-ordination are required for others; and throughout virtually all activities, social skills are developed, including recognising other people’s needs, taking turns, listening and making yourself understood. These are all skills we take for granted but can be lost after brain injury.

Centres operate between 10am – 2pm on various days and are located in Bridgwater, Yeovil, Henton (nr.Wells) and Taunton.

We welcome referrals from individuals aged 18 and over with a brain injury but also from relatives, advocates, legal guardians, GPs, Care or Case Managers who have permission from the individual.

Please see our make a referral section for more details call us on 01823 618519or email [email protected]