The aim of our outreach sessions is to support individuals with ABI with their personal development, manage behaviour, reduce social isolation and assist them to retain as much of their independence as possible.

Sessions are tailored to individuals’ goals and outcomes and can include (but is not limited to):

  • Identify and support implementation of strategies to increase independence, e.g prompts to assist with memory problems / planning
  • Support arranging and accessing medical / therapeutic appointments
  • Support planning and completing shopping trips
  • Support around finances and budgeting
  • Support around daily routine and structure, planning meals, necessary tasks, rest breaks
  • Support with daily correspondence & paperwork
  • Reducing isolation

The number of outreach hours are agreed ahead of service commencement with clients, family members, carers, funders and Headway Somerset staff. Support hours are usually delivered Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm (we can provide specific quotes for services / one offs required outside of these times on a case to case basis). The length of sessions will be determined by a client’s capabilities and will consider things such as fatigue. Costs are determined by the complexity of support required.

If you would like to have a discussion about further information, please contact the office or if you would like to make a referral please fill out our referral form.